Anodized Aluminum Refurbishing

Aluminum refurbishing is our speciality in the Spring/Summer!

This is a five step process, made to last against the suns ultra violet rays. On aluminum, we use a urethane-automotive paint. Anodized Aluminum Refurbishing is done in the spring and summer time. We will apply weather-resistant paint electrostatically to your anodized aluminum storefront and windows. Our paint process can bring new life to your storefront finish for a fraction of the cost of new.

EPP Painting has over 20 years experience with on site painting. Using the electrostatic process to aluminum windows and storefronts, a facility can be made “new” with very little down time and minimal clean up. Our professionals have a process that will meet your needs for speed, quality, and affordability.

Contact us for a professional quote on your facility. We travel the Middle Tennessee area regularly and service the Southeast with our services. We will meet with you to discuss the logistics of being on site and the plans for your facility that are best for you.

5 Reasons to consider Anodized Aluminum Refurbishing

  1. Saves money and prevents replacing existing equipment.
  2. The entire metal surface is covered in a uniform and professional finish.
  3. All surfaces are protected, even the ‘hard-to-reach’ surfaces.
  4. A durable paint finish is provided to the metal surface.
  5. You don’t have to worry about being without equipment for extended periods of time because all work is done right on site.

Take a look at our pictures below of the many ways we have painted aluminum windows. Doorways, storefronts, turnstyles, windows, trim and much more can be painted electrostatically to make things new. In addition, please take a minute to look at our Electrostatic Painting page to see the process of how this works on your metal doors and storefronts. We are proud to say we use the Ransburg #2 gun with our painting.

Anodized Aluminum Refurbishing Windows
Aluminum Refurbishing
Electrostatically Painted Doors
Aluminum Refurbished Windows and Trim
Anodized Store Front
Aluminum Refurbished Storefronts
Aluminum Windows Refurbished
Turnstyle Aluminum Refurbishing