Painting Options

Electrostatic Precision Painting offers a variety of options for your painting needs. Painting with the electrostatic process is our specialty, however, we service many facilities and equipment that require a different process. Depending on the job, we also offer airless spray painting and brush and roll painting.

We are available to come to your location and paint on site with little interruption and minimal clean up. We also offer in-house painting where we bring machinery to our shop. A delivery service is available for the in-house option.

We offer a variety of ways to ensure all your painting needs are met in a timely fashion with little interruption. Give us a call for any questions you may have.

Below is a summary of each style of painting we offer.

Aluminum Refurbished Windows and Trim
Windows and trim electrostatically painted

Electrostatic Painting

Commercial – Residential – Industrial

Electrostatic Painting is our specialty! Serving Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky and Alabama.

Our Specialty

We offer additional options for painting, however, painting with the electrostatic process is our specialty. The Spring and Summer is a great time to give your entrances a new look with little interruption.

Aluminum Storefronts

Anodized Aluminum Painting

This is a five step process, made to last against the suns ultra violet rays. On aluminum we use a urethane-automotive paint. Anodized Aluminum painting is done in the spring and summer time.  We will applyweather-restraint paint electrostatically to your anodized aluminum storefront and windows.

Our paint process can bring new life to your storefront finish for a fraction of the cost of new.


Benefits of Electrostatic Painting

  • Electrostatic Precision Painting (EPP) employees work schedules around the clock to eliminate downtime of your work environment.
  • Our electrostatic on-site process revitalizes heavy machinery. We can paint your equipment, catwalks, ducting, safety rails and workbenches during the weekends, evenings or shutdown periods without messy overspray.
  • Our goal is to help businesses such as yours to realize the pleasure of a new refurbished workplace at a fraction of the cost.